Board of Directors 2019-2020

President: Ass. Prof. Dr. Gerlig Widmann (Austria)

President Elect: Dr. Panagiotis Diamantopoulos (Greece)

Vice President: Dr. Laurent Sers (France)

General Secretary: Dr. Oguz Ozan (Turkey)

Treasurer: Dr. Furio Ruggeri (Italy)

Steering Committee

Dr. Sandro Fabbro (Italy)
Dr. Alessandro Palumbo (Italy)
Dr. Marco Rinaldi (Italy)
Dr. Furio Ruggeri (Italy)

Dr. Guido Schiroli (Italy)
Dr. Philippe Tardieu (UAE)
Dr. Francesco Valente (Italy)

Commissions per Territories

CAI Director for Italy: Dr. Marco Rinaldi 
CAI Director for France: Dr. Laurent Sers 
CAI Director for India: Dr. Sanjay Asnani 
CAI Director for Chile:
Dr. Cristobal Andrés Rubilar Ayala
CAI Director for Pakistan: Dr. Aaqil Malik
CAI Director for US: Dr. Scott D. Ganz
CAI Director for Turkey: Dr. Cetin Sevuk
CAI Director for Cyprus: Dr. Oguz Ozan
CAI Director for Greece: Dr Panos Diamantopoulos
CAI Director for Benelux: Dr. Maurice Mommaerts
CAI Director for Egypt: Dr. Ahmed Elserafi
CAI Director for Lebanon: Dr. Albert El Khoury
CAI Director for the Middle East: Dr. Philippe Tardieu


Board of Arbitrators

Board Director: Dr. Roberto Marra (Italy)  / Members: Dr. Marco Rinaldi (Italy), Dr. Francesco Valente (Italy) 

Active Membership Committee

Board Director: Dr. Luigi Telara (Italy), Dr. Sanjay Asnani (India), Dr. Robert Pauley (USA)

Commission for Scientific Activities

Board Director: Dr. Silvio Meloni (Italy) / Members: Dr. Marco Rinaldi (Italy), Prof. Luigi Rubino (italy)

Past Presidents

2005-2006 Dr. Francesco Valente (Italy)   2007-2008 Dr. Guido Schiroli (Italy)
2009-2010 Dr. Scott Ganz (USA)   2011-2012 Dr. Sandro Fabbro (Italy)
2013-2014 Dr. Thomas Fortin (France)  
Dr. Marco Rinaldi (Italy)
2017-2018 Dr. Philippe Tardieu (UAE)      




Honorary Membership

Prof. Daniel van Steenberghe (Belgium), Dr. Scott Ganz (USA), Prof. Stefan Lundgren (Sweden), Dr Marco Rinaldi (Italy)


General Management of Events
ADB Eventi&Congressi: Anna Maria Sorresso

Via San Felice, 6

40122 Bologna- Italy

Phone: +39 051 0959160

Mobile +39 339 8748882
VAT CODE 02738781208